CUTEC was founded in October 2003 by students of Cambridge University and members of the MIT Venture Capital and Private Equity Club to fill the gap of scientific entrepreneurship in Cambridge. It was initially funded by the Cambridge-MIT Institute until 2006, and has been fully supported by independent sponsors since then. The club was established to host the Technology Ventures Conference, now held annually in June, with the aim of connecting entrepreneurs, academics, investors and business professionals in Cambridge. It has now evolved to include start-up showcases (CUTEC Start-up competition) and established companies (Cambridge Diamond Exhibition), who have created successful businesses from emerging technologies.

This annual conference has developed into one of the world’s largest student-run entrepreneurial events, attracting high profile venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and angel investors from around the world. It provides unmatched networking for delegates representing over 200 companies/institutions from 10 different countries.

Since its inception in 2003, the club has grown significantly into a company-like organisation, with students representing more than 25 countries. CUTEC continues to grow and promote global entrepreneurship and our alumni network enables the club to reach a diverse network of international professionals.



The Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club`s mission is to enhance the entrepreneurial spirit amongst academics and students. We facilitate interaction between industry experts and students, thereby providing students with exposure to the wider business and fundraising communities. Investors and the industries that support them in turn gain access to the vibrant research and entrepreneurial communities at the University of Cambridge.



CUTEC aspires to strengthen the entrepreneurial eco-system. The purpose of CUTEC is:

  • Connect: to promote networking between students, experienced entrepreneurs, start-ups, investment partners, advisors and alumni
  • Inspire: to spread ideas about technology and business to endeavour entrepreneurship and creation of value
  • Enriche:  to foster an entrepreneurial culture in technology and strengthens the basics of networking, teamwork and business knowledge