About CUTalks

About the series:

CUTalks by CUTEC is a podcast series for aspiring innovators, in which we talk about the typical and not-so-typical journeys of ideas and tech start-ups, and the people behind them. We take a particular focus on the application of innovation in research/academia and how this can transform into a path in entrepreneurship. We will be talking to inventors, founders, investors and experts, who will be sharing their experiences with us and you, our listeners.

About the hosts:

Shreya Singhal and Thomas Bohné are your hosts for the series. Shreya is currently undertaking master’s specialising in Bioengineering at the University of Cambridge, with a strong interest in the biotech startup space. Thomas is a researcher in engineering based at the Institute for Manufacturing (University of Cambridge) and fascinated by how technology can be used to augment human abilities and improve human performance. The series is produced by Carl Homer from Cambridge TV.