Episode 1- CUTalks with Tim Minshall

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In the first episode of CUTalks, Shreya and Thomas talk to Tim Minshall, the Dr John C. Taylor Professor of Innovation at the University of Cambridge, and also Head of the Institute for Manufacturing. They discuss the development of the Cambridge innovation ecosystem into the buzzing community that it is today, as well as advice for aspiring innovators on how to get started.

This episode was sponsored by DesignSpark: design tools and resources for engineers to help make their ideas happen. The podcast was produced by Carl Homer, Cambridge TV.

Jump to the following topics (links open in SoundCloud):

  • Development of the Cambridge innovation ecosystem - 1:50

  • Dr John C Taylor endowed chair of Professor of Innovation - 10:00

  • Advice for aspiring innovators - 15:35, 34:15

  • How the University of Cambridge interacts with innovation - 17:45

  • The future of manufacturing - 24:10