Episode 10 - CUTalks with Bruno Cotta

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Ep10 - Bruno Cotta

In this episode of CUTalks, Shreya and Thomas talk to Bruno Cotta, Executive Director of the Entrepreneurship Centre at the Cambridge Judge Business School. Bruno discusses his previous and current roles, and thoughts on some of the key skills that entrepreneurs require.

This episode was sponsored by DesignSpark: design tools and resources for engineers to help make their ideas happen. The podcast was produced by Carl Homer, Cambridge TV.

Jump to the following topics:

  • Role as Executive Director of JBS Entrepreneurship Centre - 7:23

  • Key elements of a well-functioning ecosystem - 10:04

  • Challenges in the Cambridge Ecosystem - 12:46

  • Experience in policy focus - 14:30

  • Innovation policies in different countries - 16:40