Episode 11 - CUTalks with James Parton and Stewart McTavish

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Ep11 - James Parton and Stewart McTavish

In this episode of CUTalks, Shreya and Thomas talk to James Parton and Stewart McTavish. James is Managing Director of the Bradfield Centre, a co-working space for tech scale-ups, and Stewart is Director of ideaSpace, supporting startups with co-working space - both spaces offer an active entrepreneurship community. James is also co-host of the podcast Scaling, Failing, Prevailing. James and Stewart have both had extensive experience with startups and founders developing on their journey, which they share in this episode with key advice for aspiring innovators.

This episode was sponsored by DesignSpark: design tools and resources for engineers to help make their ideas happen. The podcast was produced by Carl Homer, Cambridge TV.

Jump to the following topics:

  • About ideaSpace and the Bradfield Centre; entrepreneur engagement - 3:52

  • Behavioural differences of good vs great entrepreneurs -11:37

  • Advice for first-time founders -15:54

  • Differences (or not) between Silicon Valley and Cambridge startup communities - 18:17

  • Exiting decisions - 25:02

  • Key components of a successful business person/model - 29:56