Episode 7 - CUTalks with John Snyder

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In Episode 7 of CUTalks, Shreya and Thomas talk to John Snyder. John has spent his career in the field of information retrieval and keyword technology, with successful exits of Muscat and recently Grapeshot, and is now involved in advising and investing in startups. In this episode, we discuss John’s experiences with starting up, growing and eventually selling Muscat and Grapeshot.

This episode was sponsored by DesignSpark: design tools and resources for engineers to help make their ideas happen. The podcast was produced by Carl Homer, Cambridge TV.

Jump to the following topics:

  • Story of Muscat and Grapeshot - 1:21

  • Advice for early stages of startups - 11:54

  • Scaling and selling - 16:35

  • Cambridge tech landscape - 26:44