Episode 8 - CUTalks with Matthew Bullock

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In Episode 8 of CUTalks, Shreya and Thomas talk to Matthew Bullock, an influential figure in helping craft the ‘Cambridge Phenomenon’, with a background in Barclay’s Bank, NHS finance management, and currently Master of St Edmund’s College.

This episode was sponsored by DesignSpark: design tools and resources for engineers to help make their ideas happen. The podcast was produced by Carl Homer, Cambridge TV.

Jump to the following topics:

  • Success with different models of startups - 4:45

  • Birth of Cambridge as a hub for Tech and Life Science - 9:06

  • How to succeed without VC funding - 19:08

  • Managing failure, effect on the meso-system - 25:10

  • Discussing B2B and B2C models today - 34:14